DIY Pixel Art Travel Box

Have you got a budding little artist who also loves to build? Our Pixel Bricks are the perfect way to combine art and engineering, with your child being able to create beautiful art mosaics using 1x1 building bricks. In this blog we are sharing a simple pencil box hack to make your kiddo the perfect little creation box.


DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


What you need:

- A pack of Pixel Bricks
- 1 x Peel 'n Stick Baseplate (we chose purple but visit the whole collection for more color options)
- $1 pencil box from Michaels (you can usually also find them at Walmart, Target and Staples)
- Sharp craft knife
- Chopping board
- A few larger building bricks to cut against


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    How to make the Pixel Art Travel Box:

    With our Peel 'n Stick Baseplates this process really is simple and minus any mess because there is no glue required! Start off by measuring up your baseplate against the lid of the pencil box. Mark out where you need to cut using the line of larger building bricks.


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    To cut the baseplate simply run your knife along the line of the building bricks, applying a decent amount of pressure. Make three or four marks along this line before removing the bricks.


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    Then, gently bend the baseplate along the cut line. After some pressure it will snap and you can then use your knife to cut through the red backing.


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    Repeat this same process to cut the other edge of the baseplate to the correct size. Then it's a case of just peeling off the red backing, placing the baseplate in the centre of the pencil box lid, and pressing it down with firm and even pressure.


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    Pour in your Pixel Bricks and start getting creative!


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    Our little artist couldn't wait to test out her new travel box. She got straight to work pushing the Pixel Bricks onto the pencil box lid.


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    The Pixel Bricks are a great way to develop fine motor skills, as well as encouraging kids to express their creative flair. There was so much discussion about colors and shapes.


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    It is really handy to keep the bulk of the bricks contained inside the box, with there still being easy access at all times. We decided to work together to build a beautiful sunshine. You can find more Pixel Brick design ideas here.


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box


    Once we are ready to clear up it's nice and quick with the included removal tool, and then all the bricks go back in the box and the lid is secured. All set and ready for the next play!


    DIY Pixel Art Travel Box



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