DIY LEGO Display Shelves

A few months ago we partnered with Jill at the blog, a Mom with a Lesson Plan, and she built these darling LEGO display shelves using our peel-and-stick baseplates. We thought we’d share her simple tutorial with you all today!

To get started, you will need 12” wood squares, peel-and-stick baseplates, pencil, ruler, D-Ring picture hangers and LEGO bricks. 

First, paint the wood pieces.

Second, attach a D-ring hanging hook to the back of the wood.

Third, when the paint has dried prep the wood by wiping with rubbing alcohol.

Finally, peel the backing off the peel-and-stick baseplates and stick to the painted wood pieces.

Your kids will love building and rebuilding LEGO masterpieces to display on their walls! Thank you for partnering with us Jill. All images and the tutorial process are her creation and can originally be found on Jill's blog, linked here.

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