Ultimate LEGO Compatible Storage Station

Fed up of stepping on LEGO style building bricks? Why not transform an IKEA TROFAST unit into an Ultimate LEGO Compatible Storage Station?! Your kids will love having multiple surfaces to play on, and you'll love getting the building bricks off the floor!

Ultimate LEGO Storage Station

Materials Needed:

Ultimate LEGO Compatible Storage Station:

Watch the video to see the Ultimate LEGO Compatible Storage Station in action!

How to build the Ultimate LEGO Storage Station

Take a look at the video above to find out how we constructed the epic LEGO & DUPLO compatible unit. Here's also a few extra tips that might help you out too!

Choosing the right baseplates:

We offer a wide selection of baseplates (see the full collection here). Carefully consider the age of your kids when you are choosing which ones to use. Our kids range from one-to-four years old, therefore we wanted to build a unit that would cater for DUPLOs and LEGO style building bricks.

Our larger sized baseplates provide a guaranteed tight fit for DUPLO building bricks hence we stuck the on the lower section of the unit. That way baby sister can have her own horizontal and vertical makerspace!

Ultimate LEGO storage station

For the other surfaces we went for gray Peel 'n Stick Baseplates on the top to act as cityscapes, with blue and green on the vertical to create a sky and land makerspace for our four-year-old.

Ultimate LEGO Storage Station

Ultimate LEGO Storage Station

Measuring up:

Be sure to spend some time carefully measuring out your baseplate placement on the unit before you start cutting. Do this by marking out the size needed on the baseplate using LEGO or DUPLO style bricks. For some sections it is important to keep the off cuts for re-use somewhere else, so don't be hasty and discard the left-overs!

Measuring up Ultimate LEGO Compatible Storage Station

Cutting the baseplates to size:

Feel free to visit out full blog post advising you How to Cut Peel 'n Stick Baseplates to Size. The important things to remember are to cut against a line of bricks and to use a sharp blade.

Cutting the baseplates to size of the LEGO Compatible Storage Station

Once you've made the cut and bent the baseplate, you can file down any rough edges using a nail file or sandpaper.

Adhering the baseplates:

Some sections of the unit were very straight forward with just two baseplates to connect. Other sections required a more intricate combination of pieces. For example, the vertical LEGO compatible makerspace was complex and therefore required careful planning. Carefully connect all pieces using LEGO style bricks and measure it up against the unit before you start peeling and sticking.

Adhering the baseplates

As you are sticking the baseplates, always use bricks to ensure the plates are lined up with a tight fit. It is also advisable to not apply to much pressure when you initially put the baseplate in position. This then means that if it isn't quite straight, for example, you can quickly peel it off and try again. If you are happy with the position, make sure you apply some pressure all over the baseplates to encourage full contact with the adhesive.

What we love about our Ultimate LEGO Compatible Storage Station:

First of all, we love that the unit can store so many building bricks in an organized fashion! The bricks are easy for kids to access and easy for them to tidy away too! We also like the fact that you can use the large buckets to keep precious creations in, as well as displaying them on the upper levels.

Upper levels of the Ultimate LEGO Compatible Storage Station

The great thing about this unit is that it enables your kids to build on horizontal and vertical surfaces. That will encourage creativity, collaboration and the development of excellent fine motor skills.

Toddlers playing with the Ultimate LEGO storage station 2

Toddlers playing with the Ultimate LEGO storage station 5

We also love that this creation station caters for young and old builders. The DUPLO Compatible lower level is perfect for babies ad toddlers, while the LEGO Compatible upper levels offer more challenge to older kids.

Toddlers playing with the Ultimate LEGO storage station 3

Having a hub of creativity is an awesome way to encourage your family to Make Time Together. Family building sessions enable quality time to be spent together, whilst also developing so many crucial developmental skills for your kids.

Ultimate LEGO Storage Station

Toddlers playing with the Ultimate LEGO storage station 1

Toddlers playing with the Ultimate LEGO storage station 4

Happy building!!

Kids playing with legos, large lego cabinet


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