Toddler Friendly Brick Printing Mother's Day Card

by Lucy Baker April 30, 2019 2 min read

Toddler Friendly Brick Printing Mother's Day Card

Help your kids to celebrate Mom with this darling DIY Mother's Day craft using paint and building bricks! They'll have so much fun making something special, and even younger kids can join in too.



Materials Needed:

  • acrylic paint - you will need a few shades of green for the stems and then some lovely bright and vibrant colors for the flowers
  • paint palette or plate
  • a selection of building bricks - we used LEGOs and DUPLOs to make different sized prints
  • A4 pieces of white card
  • a tray or mat to contain the mess during painting
  • scissors and glue
  • markers or crayons to decorate the inside of the card




The great thing about this activity is that kids of all ages can join in. We made these cute cards with a 2 yr old and she was more than capable of decorating the stems and flowers. That's the beauty of process art! Start off by setting out the green acrylic paints in a paint palette or on a plate, along with a fun selection of bricks. Let your little one enjoy using the bricks to dip in the paint and print onto the card. Encourage them to explore using different sizes of bricks and also different shades of green.



The next step is to repeat the printing process but this time using all of the bright colors of paint on a new piece of card. This will form the flowers.



Again, encourage your little one to use different bricks to make different types of prints. They can even mix the colors!



Once you have a green stamped piece of card and a colorful stamped piece of card, set them aside to dry and put your bricks in some water to soak off the paint.



Once dry, cut the green card into strips for the stems, and the colorful card into flower shapes. If you are working with older kids they can do this by themselves. Our toddler tester of course enjoyed getting her hands on the glue stick!



Stick the stems and flowers onto a piece of A4 white card folded in half to make a darling little card for Mom. Then let your kids enjoy decorating the inside of the card.



Mom will love receiving a card made with love. Happy Mother's Day!




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Lucy Baker
Lucy Baker

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