Best Christmas Gifts for Girls: 7 Fun Craft Gifts for Creative 10 Year Old Girls

7 Fun Craft Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls!

The anticipation of gifts from loved ones and Santa keeps many traditions alive. The pressure to buy the perfect present (being a loved one, a "secret Santa", or as Santa) is real, especially when shopping for a 10 year old girl. The chirpy tweens expect their secret Santas to come bearing out-of-the-box gifts. Brimming with creative imagination, they crave gifts that inspire them and are incredibly fun to use at the same time. If you're stuck trying to come up with a unique and exciting craft gift idea that a 10-year-old girl would love, here is a list of incredible secret Santa gifts you can choose from.

Air Dry Clay Kit

GirlZone Air Dry Clay Ultimate Craft Kit, Over 100 Piece Kids Modeling Clay Set, Air Dry Clay for Kids with No Baking Required, Arts and Crafts for Girls Age 3+
Does she like building cool things and flaunting them? Then an air-dry clay set, like this Ultimate Kit by GirlZone could be right up her alley! Clay art can be excellent for boosting creative thinking and teaching patience and problem-solving. It's one of those play-based learning activities that encourage overall development for kids. Not to mention, it can be quite therapeutic for the kids serving as a constructive channel for their energy.

Choose a kit with a simple-to-understand instruction manual and many creative sculpting examples for her to emulate. Make sure that the clay kit is safe for kids to play with.

Stationery Writing Set

Original Stationery Unicorn Letter Writing Set, 45 Piece Stationery Set for Girls, Unicorn Gifts for Girls Age 10-12

If there's a writer hidden somewhere in your 10-year-old girl, then a fun stationery set of a notebook and pencil can serve as a big motivation for them. This could be an exceptional gift considering the digital age we're living in. Encourage her to use the notebook to note down all the wonderful things on her mind, from present thoughts to future dreams.

Writing letters on fun stationery is also an activity to help kids practice their hand-writing skills and sentence composition, all while learning the art and value of sending a hand-written letter or note to a loved-one! A letter writing stationery set makes a great gift for any creative kid!

Paint Your Own Piggy Bank

GirlZone Paint Your Own Unicorn Piggy Bank for Girls

Gifting a piggy bank is a great way to make young kids understand the importance of saving money. But what makes this valuable lesson so much more fun is a unicorn piggy bank that a 10-year-old girl can decorate using colors and other fun stuff.

Considering the Christmas occasion, a unicorn-shaped piggy bank as a secret Santa gift sounds perfect for your innovative tween. She can then make this gift as sparkly and colorful as she likes. This incredibly thoughtful gift would encourage her to start saving while offering a fun outlet for creativity.

Accessory Making Kit

Wearing or gifting accessories she makes with her own hands can be a proud moment for any tween. So, why not give her a fun kit with various supplies that can be easily assembled to build accessories? See the face of your little girl light up as she creates the most beautiful trinkets out of colorful cords and little beads. The accessories could be anything from earrings and bracelets to keychains and necklaces.

Watercolor Paint Set

AEM Hi Arts Watercolor Paint Set

If your 10-year-old dreams of becoming an artist, then a watercolor set is the perfect way for you to show support. This can be a great starter kit for her before she moves on to other painting mediums. Because watercolors are hassle-free in cleaning up, they're perfect for kids this age. Choose a watercolor set that comes with a wide range of colors and different painting brushes. Watch as she spends hours painting away, using this set to bring imagination to life.

Science Experiment Kit

Foundation Chemistry Science Kit by Yellow Scope

Did you know that the simple ingredients in your kitchen can come in handy for easy and wonderful kids' experiments? What happens when you mix together citric acid and sodium bicarbonate? Discover the answer and learn much more about the fundamentals of chemistry with this in-depth science kit. If your kid has a natural affinity toward science, she'd love this kit full of educational fun. Watch her love for science grow as she completes each experiment. You can join in on the fun too! This exciting adventure can serve as a bonding activity for you two.

Kid-Friendly Sewing Machine

If your kid wants to get into a field like fashion designing that demands immense talent, so the sooner she starts understanding fabrics and sewing, the better. What better gift than an age-appropriate sewing machine to begin prepping her for the big future? You can buy her a compact sewing machine that she can use for simple sewing projects. It's a great way to cultivate her stitching and sewing skills from a young age. Make sure the machine is easy and safe to maneuver for young, delicate hands. It should also be lightweight enough to be easily carried around.

Time to give the perfect gift to the creative kid in your life!

Giving gifts is wonderful because it makes our loved ones feel cherished and strengthens relationships, especially when you put great thought into gift-buying.

Here we went through some of the most unique secret Santa gift ideas that will be much appreciated by a 10-year-old girl. To ensure that you buy the perfect secret Santa present, you should keep in mind the interests of your tween as well. Is she into writing, drawing, coloring, building, or something else? Once you figure out what truly piques her interest, you can buy her the ideal gift for Christmas!

-Written by Rebecca Shanks, for Creative QT

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