Back to School Kids' Food 101

The Back to School season can be pretty overwhelming for parents, we get it! To help, we've compiled our favorite blogs relating to all things kids' food. From packed lunches, to great accounts to follow, and of course the best lunch gear to buy, we've got you covered!


Back to School Kids' Food 101


The Gear...

Let's start with the best products to buy which will last the school year. In this blog we recommend the best water bottles, snack bags and lunch boxes for your kids. We searched high and low to find the products with the best designs, and most importantly, the products which will last!


Back to School Kids' Food 101


Packed Lunch Ideas...

After the first few weeks it can be hard to feel inspired to keep up the fresh and novel lunches for your kids. Jen from @whatmykideats shared with us five delicious packed lunch ideas. Best of all, she details the exact ingredients in the blog, and even offers some tips to help make sure your kids will eat everything that's on offer.


Back to School Kids' Food 101


Achieving Successful Packed Lunches...

It can be so frustrating spending time making your kids well-balanced and appealing packed lunches for school, only to receive most of it back, completely untouched, at the end of the day. The lovely Georgina from @teenytinymeals shared some of her insider tips to help make sure your littles eat and enjoy the lunches you pack for them. Read the blog here.


Back to School Kids' Food 101


Quick, Nut-free & Nutritious Snacks to Fuel the School Day...

It can be really hard to send your child in with nutritious snacks when you are limited by time and also in some schools the ingredients you can use. @heather_kidskitchen showed us the way to do it with this blog full of easy-to-make and healthy snacks. We particularly love the idea of kids getting involved by making their now snack mix!


Back to School Kids' Food 101


Getting the Big Meals Right...

Unfortunately it's not just about making a packed lunch and a few snacks. Us parents also need to be equipped with well-balanced and yummy meal ideas for our littles. In this useful blog, we rounded up eight awesome accounts which are bursting with nutritious and delicious kids' meal ideas.


Back to School Kids' Food 101


There you have it, filling your kids with healthy food which they will actually eat can be done! Be sure to follow along with all the lovely accounts we have mentioned, they truly are inspirational mamas!


Back to School Kids' Food 101



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