April Fools' Day Prank Ideas for Kids

Not really sure how it happened, but somehow April Fools' Day became a “thing” in our house.  The kids talk all week about how they can’t wait to see what pranks we pull out for them and year, after year, we just keep coming up with fun & innocent prank ideas.

Here are a few of our favorite April Fools' Day prank ideas we've done to our kids over the years. Most of which are last minute ideas (cause that's how we roll)!

April Fools Day Ideas For Kids

Marker Glasses & Mustaches

On more than one occasion, we have drawn glasses, mustaches, goatees, and whiskers on our kids the night before with WASHABLE markers. I was worried they may not appreciate this one, but it is quite the opposite at our house. We literally had one kid in tears because he hadn’t looked in the mirror yet and saw all of his siblings with their funny faces and thought he got left out.  And apparently this mom was so exhausted that I slept through Adam decorating MY face while I slept! :) 

Frozen Cereal

Frozen Cereal

Pour a bowl of cereal for the kids the night before and stick it straight in the freezer - it will freeze solid overnight. Before they're up the next morning pull them out of the freezer and drizzle some honey on top before serving. You won't be able to bite back a laugh as they stick spoons into those frozen cereal bowls! 

Googley Eyes in the Fridge

Googley Eyes in the Fridge

Make all those condiment bottles come alive! Some stick-on googley eyes make this so fast & easy and the kids will get a big kick out of opening the fridge on April Fools' Day.

Bonus - you'll know exactly how old those condiment bottles are when they still have googley eyes on them a year later! 

Promise Brownies, Deliver on Some 'Brown E's'

Brown-E April Fools

We love a good pun and this one is for sure going to get you some chuckles & eye rolling. I used a pyrex, cut up some letter E’s on brown construction paper, put tinfoil over it and told the kids I had “brownies” for them. Nothing better than a big Brown E ... right!? The kids didn’t laugh…until I pulled out the real pan of brownies I made to share. :) 

Sunny Side Up 'Eggs'

Got kids who love eggs in the morning!? Switch up their usual egg breakfast with some toast, a little vanilla or plain yogurt and a peach half instead. It totally looks like a real egg and they'll know they've been pranked on that first bite! This one's a win-win as they'll still get a yummy breakfast. 

 Juice or Jello?

April Fools day jello glass prank

Surprise those little cuties with a big glass of juice ... but fill the cup with jello instead! This works great as a prank for friends and adults as a red glass of wine too.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes - April Fools Day

This one is another win-win prank. Bake cupcakes in a flat-bottomed ice cream cone and decorate the tops with frosting to match their favorite ice cream flavors. Keep them busy for awhile playing while you prep and then invite them into the kitchen for a special ice cream cone treat! They'll go to lick that delicious ice cream and get all frosting instead.

A Twist on Grilled Cheese

April Fools prank ideas - Blue Milk

Probably the most time consuming was this prank, but it has had some of the funniest reactions.  I made a pound cake, sliced it thin like bread, and then buttered and grilled it like you would for a normal grilled cheese.  I tinted buttercream frosting to match the typical  orange of the Amercian cheese slices. Then I serve their “grilled cheese” on a plate with chips and veggies.  

Blue Milk

April Fools prank ideas - Sunny Side Up 'Eggs'

Add one drop of food coloring to their morning glass of milk as a fun little surprise. The little ones especially love this! So simple and never ceases to make them laugh for the rest of the day. 

What are some of your favorite April Fools' Day prank ideas you've done with or for you kids? We're always looking for new ideas, so please share in the comments below!


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