5 Great Ways to Store Toys with Lots of Small Pieces

There are certain toys which are quite simply every parents' worst nightmare because they are so hard to store. We are talking about things like LEGOs, Barbie dolls and their accessories, and even Hot Wheels Cars. These are toys which are high in volume, and also high in annoying factor when found all over the floor. In this blog we share five of our favorite ways to store these types of toys and why it will make your life so much easier.

5 Great Ways to Store Toys with Lots of Small Pieces

1. The IKEA TROFAST Unit and Bins

This must be one of the most universally owned toy storage units and it's no surprise why. These units are perfect for keeping toys like LEGOs organized because you can split the pieces by brick type or color into different bins. It is also a super affordable unit, with the option to make it bright and colorful by using their green or orange bins. In the picture below you can see how we turned a TROFAST unit into a Simplified LEGO Storage Station using our Peel 'n Stick Baseplates. Read the full tutorial here.

The IKEA TROFAST Unit and Bins

2. Rainbow 8 Drawer Rolling Chest

This storage unit is another great way to keep sets of toys which have small parts neatly organized. We've seen these used for all sorts, from arts and crafts supplies, to Barbie doll accessories, and even LEGOs too. We love how @leftbraincraftbrain added a Peel 'n Stick Baseplate to the top of hers for her LEGO set organizer.

Rainbow 8 Drawer Rolling Chest

3. The SlideAway® Basket

This has to be our favorite storage win for kids who have loads of small toys! The SlideAway® Basket conveniently stores the toys in a stylish basket which then turns into a practical play space. Once your kids are finished playing, simply pull the mat strings and the toys pour back into the basket. Our kids love the basket for LEGOs and Barbie dolls because they can easily see all of the parts they need.

The SlideAway Basket

4. IKEA KALLAX Shelf Unit with Storage Baskets

These shelving units are absolute life-savers in our household. We love that they enable the kids to see all of their toys, with storage baskets keeping the toys contained and off the floor. There are several sizes and colors to choose from, and at such a reasonable price you really can't go wrong. If you aren't sure which storage baskets to go for, check out this round-up blog of our favorites.

IKEA KALLAX Shelf Unit with Storage Baskets

5. Craft Caddy Storage

Craft Caddy containers make for awesome storage units because they often have segmented storage areas and a lid to keep them items contained. We have several craft caddies with LEGOs and vehicles in. The kids are able to pick them up, take them to their chosen location of play, and get creative. Once they are done it is easy for them to clean up because all the toys have a designated home in the caddy. Visit our Craft Caddy LEGO Storage blog for more information.

Craft Caddy Storage

What is your family's favorite way to store small toys? We'd love to hear how you keep the creative clutter off the floor and neatly stored!

5 Great Ways to Store Toys with Lots of Small Pieces

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