5 Simple Summer Water Table Ideas

Have you got a water table at home? It's one of our kids' all-time favorite ways to play outside over the summer. Usually they just happily transfer water and splash around, but from time to time it can be really fun to make something a little special for them. Here are five really fun ideas that we plan to test out over the coming sunny months!

5 Simple Summer Water Table Ideas - Creative QT

1. Ice Play by @busytoddler

Ice Play - Ice Table

Looking for something to cool off with on a really hot summer's day? Ice play is a great idea! @busytoddler shares some great ideas, ranging from simply letting her kids loose with a table full of ice and some transfer tools, to painting the ice. So much sensory fun! She often uses storage containers like this one as sensory bins which is the perfect play hack.

Ice Play - Ice Paint

2. Building Brick Pouring & Construction by @findthelittlemind

Building Brick Pouring & Construction 1

This is such a simple one, but boy would our STEM-loving kids have a blast with it. @findthelittlemind simply dumped a load of Mega Bloks into her Edx Education Sand & Water Play Table and let her kids enjoy using them as scoopers. Looks like they also had lots of fun building structures in the water too.

Building Brick Pouring & Construction 2

3. Giant Water Bead Activities by @happytoddlerplaytime

Giant Water Bead Activities 2

Happy Toddler Playtime has some absolutely amazing round-up blog posts, one of which shares some really fun ways to explore giant water beads in the IKEA FLISAT Children's Table. We love the idea of simple color sorting or even a rescue mission using fine motor tools. Please remember that water beads are hazardous if swallowed so make sure your kids are of an appropriate age and don't put things in their mouths still. Always supervise the play!

Giant Water Bead Activities 1

4. Soapy Sponges by @dayswithgrey

Toddler playing with Soapy Sponges 1

Yup it's as simple as that, dish soap and sponges and hours of squeezing! We love how simple this set up is from @dayswithgrey. It can be tempting to set up complex activities for your kids, but it's often the simplest ones which capture their engagement most. You could even add a drop of food coloring to this set up to make the water a fun color too, or why not add some toys to make it a washing station.

Toddler playing with Soapy Sponges 2

5. Scooping Activities by @happilyevermom

Scooping Activities

Kids love to seek & scoop so why not hide a few treasures in the water which they have to rescue. We love how @happilyevermom sets her kiddos up with large ladles and muffin tins to fill with nature finds and balls. What a fun way to work on some color sorting and counting too.

Scooping Activities

What a great set of activities to help us get creative with water at home. We'd love to hear your ideas too! Leave us a comment below with your kids' most loved water table play activities.

5 Simple Summer Water Table Ideas


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