4th of July Straw Rockets

Nicole of @thepaintedtoddler fame on Instagram, is blasting off July for us with these all-American straw rockets! Nicole has a genuine passion for nurturing the development of kids through creative activities. She one day aims to open up her own Preschool - sign us up please, Nicole!


4th of July Straw Rockets


Looking for a fun and easy activity to keep all the kids busy at a 4th of July barbecue? Then we've got you covered. We skipped ahead and got in the Independence Day spirit a little early to bring you these fun and festive straw rockets.


4th of July Straw Rockets


I am happy to report that upon testing them with my five and three year old kids, they were a massive hit that kept them entertained for an afternoon. The added bonus is they require few materials, almost no prep and little clean up!


Materials Needed: 

  • Small straws (we found these themed cardboard straws in the target dollar spot) 

  • Large/smoothie straws cut to roughly 3” 

  • Tape 

  • Rocket and firework printable (optional)

  • Streamers (optional)


    4th of July Straw Rockets



    1. Click here to print out our free sheet of fireworks and rockets to decorate your straws (if you choose to). Print out comes with three fireworks, three pre-colored rockets and three blank rockets to be colored. Once you have decorated the printable, carefully cut out the shapes.


    4th of July Straw Rockets


    2. If you haven't done so already cut the large/smoothie straws into pieces about 3” long and tape off one side. This will create the rocket so you want to ensure no air can escape.


    3. Using more tape attach your chosen rocket or decoration to the large/smoothie straw. To add some extra flare, why not attach some flowing streamers too?!


    4th of July Straw Rockets


    4. LET THEM FLY! Place your small straw inside your rocket and blow!
    There are lots of ways to play with the rockets- race them, aim them, measure how far they go, and at one point my kids were even trying to see how many they could launch off at the same time! The fun is endless!


    4th of July Straw Rockets


    This simple craft would be a great addition to any space or flight lesson plan. For us though, they are going to give our 4th of July celebrations a huge boost!


    4th of July Straw Rockets


    Thank you so much Nicole for sharing this starry themed but simple craft with us just in time for the big celebrations! Be sure to check out @thepaintedtoddler for more great activity ideas to do with your kids.



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