10 Screen-Free Spring Break Activities

Who else is embracing the ‘staycation’ for spring break this year!? While many will jet off for tropical vacations (lucky you, whoever that is!) the rest of us can ensure that we receive a little rest and relaxation with some thoughtful planning. Do the prep work now for these 10 simple activities to have on hand for when your kid starts whining “I’m bored!”

Paint Chip Color Hunt: Head to your local hardware store and grab a handful of brightly colored paint chips. Have your kids find items around the house that match each paint chip color. To increase difficulty, set a timer and make it a friendly competition!

Mission Impossible Obstacle Maze: We love this indoor obstacle course that Brassy Apple created for her kids! Use some crepe paper to make an elaborate obstacle course in a hallway. Your kids will love trying to shimmy through the course without touching the paper.

Let them be the Chef: Have kids plan out a ‘fancy’ meal of their choice one night. Help them assemble necessary ingredients, set a fancy table, get dressed up for the occasion and, of course, have them help you make everything. Even if it’s just chicken nuggets and pudding cups – they’ll think it’s special because they helped plan it!

Freeze Dance: When everyone seems to be on the verge of a meltdown, there is not easier fix than a dance party. Turn on some fun music and start dancing! Stop the music and yell ‘freeze!’ If you catch someone moving, they’re out. The last one still dancing wins. 

Balloon Blow: Blow up a balloon and set up race course. Have races to see how quickly your children can blow the balloon (on their hands and knees) all the way to the finish line. Testing their large motor skills and patience, this is a great activity to help get the wiggles out.

Set up a Play Date: Have neighbors or friends that are also embracing the staycation? Plan a playdate! Knowing that you have an outing planned will help get you through the week and everyone will enjoy the change of scenery.

Painted Daisies Science Experiment: When you’re at the grocery, grab some white daisies and some food coloring. Put a little bit of water and food coloring in several glass jars. Add one stemmed daisy to each and watch them transform to different colors within an hour! Head to the Artful Parent for the full tutorial.

Play with LEGOS: Have a pile of LEGO’s laying around? Get them out and challenge your kids to build a castle, or a spaceship or a steamboat … the opportunities are endless. Foster their imagination and fine motor skills as they spend hours building and rebuilding to their hearts content.

Make Bird Feeders: Get those creative juices flowing and encourage kids to think outside of the box and make bird feeders. Check out the blog Growing a Jeweled Rose for a handful of creative ideas! Whether you use LEGOS, plastic bottles, toilet paper tubes, popsicle sticks, etc. they’re sure to turn out as super cute yard décor.

Read a Book: Pick a book you haven’t read before and plan to read a little each day aloud. Your kids will love snuggling in and listening to find out what happens next! Needing some inspiration? Here is an amazing list of best children’s books to read aloud.

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