6 Fresh & Fun After School Fall Snacks

Our kids love a fun novelty factor when it comes to food, so we've been busy experimenting with new after school snack ideas. There's nothing fancy here at all, simply making everyday snacks a little more magical. Here's six fresh and fun Fall themed snack ideas for your kids (and you!) to enjoy!



1. Fishing in Fall



Our kids go nuts for this one! Put out pretzel sticks, peanut butter and the orange, red and green type of Goldfish and ask them if they can fish for their snack. It's so much fun watching them dip their pretzel sticks in the peanut butter and then choosing their fish victim!


2. Fruity Fall Kebabs



Take all those chunks of left-over fruit from the day before, pick out the lovely Fall colors, and make a fruit kebab! Trust us, your kids will think it is pretty cool eating off a stick!


3. Fall Inspired Muffin Tin Tapas



If you haven't already let your kids experience a muffin tin tapas then ... you've been missing out! Filling muffin tin compartments with a selection of yummy Fall colored foods is a great way to spice up snack time and encourage a balanced consumption of foods too. Although this one was a little sweet treat heavy!


4. Fall Trail Mix



This certainly isn't the healthiest option, but it sure is fun to watch your kids' faces light up as they feast on a mixture of their favorite snacks and candies! You can also use this as a great way to introduce new tastes such as dried fruit and nuts- they might not even notice and give it a try!


5. Creative Cracker Faces



Get crafty with your snacks and let your kids create their own fall faces using peanut butter, chocolate chips, candy, and Ritz crackers. They'll have a blast with this one!


6. Fall Sandwich Shape Station



Tell your kids they have a sandwich for snack and you'll probably be met with moans and groans. Present them with the chance to shape and fill their own snack sandwiches using cookie cutters, and you might even get some oooooos and aaaaaas!



Which one will your kids enjoy getting creative with most? Do you have your own tricks to freshen up snack time? Let us know what they are as we'd love to test them out too!



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